Barn Owl Photography provides professional photography at affordable rates. All photo shoots are treated as unique, from 1 bedroom condos to estates, and the same attention to detail goes into every shot. Barn Owl Photography offers a pre-shoot consultation to make sure all spaces are photographed looking their best. With years of experience photographing properties, Barn Owl Photography has what it takes to elevate your listing above the others. Clients include Realtors from all major brokerages, property management firms, developers & local businesses including spas, art galleries & restaurants.

2D & 3D Floor Plans

Barn Owl Photography’s floor plan service includes both 2D & 3D plans. 2D plans follow the design of a conventional architect’s drawing or a blue print.
They are straight forward, easy to understand & to scale. 3D plans provide a greater visual aesthetic and really enhance your marketing. 3D floor plans
provide an easy to understand layout & are to scale.


When you want to market your space beyond photos, video is the answer. All Barn Owl Photography’s videos are shot in full HD using the latest
professional camera gear and accessories. The rewards of a video are two fold, you receive an amazing visual to showcase your property and once uploaded to YouTube, another avenue for customers to find you.

The types of videos we do: real estate videos, business profiles & video bios. We also include live intros & hosted walk-throughs. All audio is recorded with
wireless lav microphones.

360 Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are the perfect compliment to photos when you want to see the overall layout of a space. It allows the viewer to look up, down, forward &
back, zoom in and out and really dissect their future investment or to see what a restaurant is like before making a reservation. Barn Owl Photography
provides virtual tours for real estate – both residential & commercial, restaurants and businesses.